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Kopiki is a B2B resource for accurately matching buyers and suppliers to do business, across sectors and global territories. Kopiki launched in May 2016.

Kopiki applies its product to solve business problems for supplier discovery, benchmarking and efficient sourcing in the long tail of non-core goods and services. Kopiki also works with partners to help their user base engage.

Customers use the Kopiki product as it delivers a good outcome and is good value. Kopiki is simple and keeps parties anonymous but allows them to build a relationship online before making contact which means they are very likely to do business together.

  • - Kopiki is FREE to sign up and use, you pay for volume use and consultancy

    - Kopiki uses a recognised purchasing taxonomy (CPV) with 10,000 items

    - Our algorithm scores individuals and how likely they are to do business

    - Kopiki uses partners to fill gaps in items requested

    - In mid 2018 over 500 users, 6200 categories and 25+ territories globally

Applying the product

Sector Activity

  • - Problem - SME and Mid Market looking for a sector specific supplier

    - Solution - Kopiki Engages through marketing with Buyers and Suppliers

    - Kopiki runs regular sector online events based around our supply base

Adding Value to Partners

  • - Problem – how do you get a user base to engage

    - Solution - Kopiki integrates to enable buyers and suppliers to interact

    - Helps a user base to effectively engage as well as sell more core products

Long Tail of Non-Core Goods and Services

  • - Problem - Inefficient sourcing in the long tail of non-core goods and services

    - Solution - Kopiki deployed as a Managed Service to improve efficiency

    - Kopiki works with supply chain consultants to deliver 10%+ cost reductions


Kopiki believes the future online is match and we have seen huge growth in this area over recent years. Kopiki has broadened the match to all business buyers and suppliers across all global territories and sectors. Our product will evolve, and we will ultimately address B2C as well as B2B.

We believe that we should ask for your data rather than take it, so we do not scrape data. The data we have is what you have chosen to provide, and we use this to deliver our service.

It is important you stay in control as a user and the product works for you and not the other way around.