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Kopiki has evolved out of the need for both buyers to find the right person to do business with and suppliers to have opportunities they can qualify, ensuring robust business relationships are started and more business is done efficiently. Please sign up now.

Mike Ridley - CEO & Co-Founder

Mike has been involved in software, Internet and network sales including starting up and running a number of small businesses over 25 years. Outside work he enjoys time with his family and he is a qualified yacht skipper.

Alan Arnfeld - Chief Marketing Office (CMO)

In March 2015, Alan joined the Kopiki management team as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for representing the market requirements, defining the product, market research and marketing. Alan has been designing and delivering B2B and B2C products for 25 years across a wide range of industries including 9 years leading the product portfolio at Achilles, a multi-national supply chain service.

Mehmet Baris Yildirim - Lead UX/UI Designer

Mehmet has been working in the field of Visual and User Experience Design since 2010 when he graduated from the University of Istanbul with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Visual Communications.

Mehmet is the Kopiki visionary ensuring that our products and services are easy and enjoyable to use for the wide variety of users. These range from small businesses to larger concerns managing multiple marketplaces.

Bob Nicklin - Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Bob joined Kopiki in December 2015 and as Chief Information Officer (CIO) he is responsible for leading the company's technology strategy and managing overall IT. Prior to joining Kopiki, Bob spent 35 years in Information Technology roles. Previously working with Achilles, Computer Associates, Hewlett Packard, Swiss Re, Assurant, Aviva, Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Virgin Media, BAA, Telewest, British Steel and others. Sector experience includes supply chain, procurement, banking, finance, insurance, IT services, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, risk and fraud management, automotive, cable television and digital communications.

Ben Hodges - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ben is a qualified Certified Practicing Accountant with 20 years experience in both the accounting profession and across a broad range of industries including IT, oil & gas, mining and banking. Ben has over 8 years experience working with SME listed companies where he has held Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary positions.

Neil Cooling – CCO and COO

Neil joined Kopiki in March 2016 he brings a wealth of experience in senior management roles over 30 years. Including early stage start up and technology business. His focus has been building the operational process and contractual requirements for Kopiki.

Mayur Upadhyaya – Special Adviser to the Management Team

Mayur joins us with 15 years experience in software, Early background developing and running platforms for flagship brands such as BBC and Channel4, later running his own digital agency and more recently leading Customer Success for a global B2B SaaS platform. Mayur heads up operations at Kopiki.