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Kopiki FAQs

What is Kopiki?

Kopiki creates business opportunities by anonymously matching buyers with suppliers. Using information from both parties, Kopiki builds a marketplace of better business opportunities.

We want to keep you in control, helping you do business with the right people. We don’t need to know much about you or your company to start with, although the more information you supply the better the matches will be.

Why should I use it?

Do business more efficiently by entering a Kopiki Marketplace as a supplier or a buyer. Meet people who you want to do business with, without the pressure of a hard sell on the phone or in your office.

It’s a great way to get highly qualified leads for new sales. It gives buyers the chance to get a great deal and find the suppliers who are right for them.

How do I use it?

Type in what you are looking for, adding key information into your search. Give your personal and company details and then open a marketplace.

We will invite suppliers to join the marketplace. You can ask the suppliers questions anonymously.

When you are ready, ask for a final proposal from the suppliers. Make your selection and then close the marketplace.

Your contact details and those of your chosen suppliers will be shared. You can then make contact and do business together.

How does Kopiki work for a Supplier?

Add your personal and company details, with the core products and services you offer.

You will be invited to join marketplaces that match you and the services you offer with potential buyers. Assess the marketplace information and decide if you want to join in.

Once you are in the marketplace you can interact anonymously with the buyer, allowing you to provide your updated proposal.

Give your best offer or defer until selected. If selected you be given the buyer’s contact details, allowing you to do business.


It’s free to sign up, so give Kopiki a try today.

Costs for the buyer?

You can create one FREE marketplace each month. After that it is £9 per marketplace.

Buy six marketplaces or £19p/m or unlimited marketplaces for £29p/m.

Costs for the supplier?

Enter two FREE marketplaces per month. After that it is £19 to enter each marketplace.

Enter 12 marketplaces for £49p/m or unlimited marketplaces for £99p/m.

What feedback can I give?

Kopiki is committed to being a transparent service, so users can leave feedback on buyers, suppliers, the marketplaces they are put in and Kopiki, too.