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What goods and services does Kopiki cover?

Kopiki uses a CPV Taxonomy covering 10,000 items across all sectors. As a Supplier if you cannot find exactly what you offer to add to your profile, then please add the closest items that cover your goods and services. You can contact Kopiki to help. As a Buyer select the closet item to what you require and put full details in the description before opening a Marketplace, you are then likely to attract the right Suppliers, contact Kopiki to help.

When was Kopiki launched?

The Kopiki product went live in May 2016 but the company was founded in 2013 and we spent some time researching and building the product.

Where is Kopiki based?

Kopiki is based in London, UK, but we operate across all global territories and business sectors.

How big is Kopiki?

In mid-2018 Kopiki had over 500 users across 28 global territories, covering over 6200 product and service categories, approximately 1/3 are buyers.

How long does it take?

Setting up Profiles only takes a few minutes. The whole process of Buyers finding Suppliers to do business with - using a Kopiki Marketplace takes on average 2 days – 14 days. Kopiki enables you to build a qualified relationship faster than other services.

As a Buyer what if no Suppliers join my Marketplace?

Kopiki will automatically match suppliers in our database to a Marketplace, but they will only join a Marketplace if they can help with your requirement. Kopiki also works with partners to invite suppliers to your Marketplace, this can take a few days. Please watch your email and keep logging in and checking your Marketplace. Sometimes no suppliers may join as we have not found any to meet the requirements in the time available. You can vary your requirement or try something different in a new Marketplace Pease contact Kopiki to help.

As a Buyer what if I do not find a Supplier?

Suppliers may join the Marketplace, but you do not select them because you are not confident they can meet your requirements. You can end a Marketplace without selecting a supplier. If you keep using Q and A it helps to qualify and build a relationship with Suppliers. You can also wait for new Suppliers to join – this may take a few days. Contact Kopiki for help.

As a Supplier what if I get no Marketplace alerts from Buyers?

Ensure your profile is up to date and all the goods and services that cover your offering are added. Kopiki has over 10,000 goods and services categories, so it can be some weeks between opportunity from Buyers. When we run sector focussed campaigns you can get a lot of opportunity in a much shorter time. Please monitor your email and login regularly - at least once a week to ensure you do not miss opportunity. If you do not respond to Marketplace alerts, enter a Marketplace and interact with a Buyer you cannot be selected and receive leads. Contact Kopiki to help.

As a Supplier what if I do not get selected by a Buyer?

Sometimes you will respond to a Marketplace alert and enter a Marketplace but are not selected by the Buyer. The better interaction in Q and A you have with the Buyer, the more likely you are to be selected. If the Buyer is not interacting then lay out what you can offer, why as well as the key questions you need the Buyer to consider, ensuring your offer is as good as it can be. If you have been clear and interacted then you have a high chance of being selected, however sometimes you will not be, and you will need to wait for the next Marketplace alert. Please contact Kopiki for help.

Is my data secure?

Kopiki uses all reasonable endeavours to keep your data secure, based on the guidelines of GDPR over seen by

How do you use my data?

Kopiki uses your data to operate the Kopiki product and keep you informed of product activity and updates. Please review our terms and privacy policy.

How do I invest in Kopiki?

Kopiki runs fund raising rounds as part of its business plans and growth strategy. Please contract Kopiki if you want to be kept informed of investment opportunity.

How do I contact Kopiki?

Please contact